Purchasing Membership Dues

Yearly WonderLust Membership Dues can be purchased through our vendor: Brown Paper Tickets. 
Pay Wonderlust 2019 Membership Dues Here

First tier sales will open June 8th 2019 (4:20 PM EST) 
Second tier sales will open July 10th 2019 (8:00 PM EST)
Sales for Dedicated membership dues close July 4th 2019
All sales tiers end 9/20/19

After you purchase your Membership Voucher be sure to print and bring your waiver.

Why Membership Dues?

WonderLust will not sell tickets this year, because we are not a public event. Community members will be able to pay annual membership dues through Brown Paper Tickets prior to the event. On site there will be no open ticket sales, or monetary exchange. When you arrive at the gate, you will exchange a printed copy of your purchase from Brown Paper Tickets for yearly dues for your WonderLust Membership card. Memberships will be valid until the day prior to open dues payment the following year.

Requirements for WonderLust membership are as follows.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must possess a valid state/fed ID
  • You must agree to treat every other member of the community with respect
  • You must be willing to sign and present a copy of the liability waiver
  • You must not be a known behavioral issue, an alleged predator, or have been asked to leave a WonderLust event in the past.
  • You must not have a protective order against you.
  • You must not have any prior convictions for domestic violence, sexual assault, or crimes against children.
  • You must confirm that you understand that we reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for WonderLust Membership, at any time for any reason, without reimbursement or recourse.

Radical Inclusion is very important to our community, however we believe that there should be limits on that inclusion, based on the actions of the individual. Simply put, if you're an established problem, or a suspected predator, you're not welcome at WonderLust.

We will continue to strive to provide a safe, happy environment, in which you may express the most inner you.
I hope that this explanation has helped. However, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at:

An Important step in attending WonderLust is to print and bring your applicable Waiver with you, signed and filled out.
2019 Wonderlust Attendance Waiver
Wonderlust Towing Waiver - For anyone who is driving a car to the event.

Transferring Membership Dues Payments Purchased through Brown Paper Tickets
Tickets to regional events usually sell out quickly each year due to high ticket demand.
However, it is very reasonable to also be able to obtain an event ticket from a community member who can no longer attend, or who bought too many tickets. This tends to come up as the event gets closer. So, tickets are often transferred from person to person prior to the event.

WonderLust does not directly support the transferring of membership voucher purchase receipts, but understands the necessity for such transfers. Please understand all transfers/purchases are done at your own risk and WonderLust is not responsible for any issue that may arise from these transfers.

If you are in search after sales end or sell out, we recommend utilizing your community connections and friends to locate a Membership Dues Receipt. The community Tickets and Rideshare Facebook group is a good place to keep in mind during your search.

Be aware that at the gate the first printed copy of the Brown Paper Tickets PDF matters. Be aware of potential scammers who may sell the same Brown Paper Ticket PDF multiple times. Any subsequent copies of the same Brown Paper Ticket PD that arrive at gate will be denied entry.
We encourage members of the community to only pay face value of membership dues (plus whatever service fee charge for sending money through paypal or similar service.) and by only from people you trust. Always get a copy of the physical PDF and call Brown Paper Tickets and verify the PDF. All tickets to our event are “print at home”. Any person who is known to have sold or advertised membership dues to any WonderLust event for above face value will be barred from all future WonderLust events.

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