A Couple of Specific Notes (FAQ)

Inclusion is very important to the environment we want to create at WonderLust. We want people to feel welcome to participate and have a safe fun time. We offer special placement for anyone with a disability concern. See our Disability Camping page here.

We also believe that Inclusion is not limitless. WonderLust reserves the right to exclude individuals who negatively affect the safety of event’s participants. Anyone who violates the safety rules of the event will be ejected, and WonderLust reserves the right to ban and/or eject any person at any time, who is known to have harmed or taken advantage of others in the community.

The Decision to be 21+
WonderLust is intentionally and thoughtfully a 21+ Event because The Event organizers strongly believe that among the variety of regional events there should be an adults only event option for community members to chose to attend.

The organizers listened to members of our regional community that attend various arts & music driven events. We responded to the many individuals who expressed a strong interest in an additional 18+/21+ event by creating WonderLust.

We are organizers, but we are also parents, and so are many of the WonderLust volunteer leadership team. We firmly believe that sharing and encouraging the great values and concepts behind the regional LNT events is very important for our children. We also understand that often parents (and community, because parenting is a communal effort) forget to hold valuable space for ourselves where we can use our full attention on our own expression, communal effort, and accountability. We hope that WonderLust is a place where all community members be they parents or not, can come and fully enjoy and express themselves to the fullest extent.

Well why 21+ Specifically?

21+ was chosen specifically because it has certain obvious logistical advantages to ticketing. It allows participants the ability to participate in the event without having to worry about carrying their legal identification with them throughout the event. It prevents any attempted underage alcohol consumption issues before they happen. It also prevents any potential for underage prying eyes in or around adult themed camps, and it allows the gate volunteers and event organizers to only use one identification system for participants. Which keeps things relatively easy to manage, as well as helping to keep ticket costs as low as possible for those who choose to attend.

There are no public trash cans at WonderLust. Participants will be responsible for collecting their own garbage and recyclables throughout the event, and for taking their bags with them when they leave. Everyone is also encouraged to monitor their space on pack out to ensure belongings and trash are not left behind, and their personal or theme camp space is returned to its original condition.

Small Art Vehicles
Large mobile Art vehicles can’t be accommodated at WonderLust. However many smaller art vehicles can, and have found their home at Spirithaven for a weekend in the past. More Info

Fire Art
If you intend on bringing art that involves Fire, please view our Fire Art Guidelines and submit a Fire Art Form. To ensure the safety of all participants all Fire Art will be inspected by our FRT team.

Disability Camping?

Yes, WonderLust wants to be as inclusive as possible to those who require special placement due to their disability. Take a look at our Disability Camping page here.

Can I bring my dog?

For almost everyone, the answer is a firm No.

However, obviously this rule does not apply to Service dogs. WonderLust is committed to being as inclusive as possible; if you email wonderlustevent@gmail.com in advance of the event we will make sure gate volunteers are aware of your service animal for ease of entry into Wonderlust.

Safety and Consent

Safety and Consent are paramount values to the organizers of WonderLust. We hold each member of our community responsible for treating others with respect. If you can’t respect others autonomy and be accountable for your actions, do not attend.

If WonderLust organizers are made aware of a ticket holder who is a known threat to the community, has a standing restraining order, has been convicted of domestic or sexually based violence, is a registered sex offender, or someone whose onsite behavior is deemed to be a safety risk to other participants, the individual will not be allowed to enter the event or will be immediately ejected from the event for violating our community standards.

Consent and Safety are of utmost importance, and we recommend that those individuals who cannot behave in an “acceptable” manner DO NOT purchase a ticket to WonderLust.

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