Arriving & Leaving

Gate Hours

General Membership Gate Hours:
9AM-9PM Friday 8/20/21
9AM-12PM Saturday 8/21/21
Please note after dark no Cars will be allowed to drive in from parking onsite. Gear will have to be transported by foot, cart or golf cart as available.

An Important step in attending WonderLust is to print and bring your applicable Waiver(s) with you, signed and filled out.

Load & Unloading Zone info:

Those camping in certain areas of Spirithaven cannot drive up to their campsites in order to preserve the beauty of the land and not destroy landscaping. For these campers there are two graveled loading and unloading zones.

Please pack your gear in a way that is mindful of time during the loading/unloading processes. Please efficiently pack your gear. During arrival, unload all of your gear, then move your car to parking promptly. Also remember that many find small wagons or carts helpful in transporting their gear to their campsite.

When leaving, have all your gear packed down and moved to the loading/unloading zone prior to moving your car from parking to the loading/unloading zone. Please view our neighborhood map to plan for a smooth arrival & departure experience.

Please remember cars will not be allowed to drive onsite after dark (plan on 7pm) on Friday. All gear will then have to be transported by foot, cart or golf cart. Some golf carts will be available and run by volunteers on an as available and accessible basis.

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