Media interested in covering our Event?
WonderLust does not provide complimentary tickets or press passes to the press. Any member of any Media outlet wishing to attend WonderLust would need to apply for a WonderLust membership and and attend as a participant. Please remember while you are at WonderLust you are a member of our community and must conduct yourself accordingly.

All media outlets must register with WonderLust LLC prior to the event. Please email with any applicable information about your project. WonderLust is a private event, and all professional photographers should familiarize themselves with our Photography Policy. This applies to both moving film and still pictures. WonderLust LLC’s written permission and approval is required in advance to use any image from the event commercially.

Community members taking photographs or filming video for personal use to show your friends and family do not need to register as press, and do not require written consent. Any use beyond personal use must be reviewed and approved in writing post-event.
For everyone we recommend reading out Photography Policy to familiarize yourself with our community standards.

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