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Theme/Group camps are groups of campers who teamwork together to camp communally at the event. Group camps are simply groups of people who choose to camp together. Where as theme camps usually come together creatively around a theme and provide something for the community.

Examples of this might be: activities, hangout spaces, dance spaces, flow performance spaces, performances, giving food or other gifts, or creating amazing art.

How people come together as a camp and work as a team is highly individual. This ranges from a focus on communal camping with mostly personal spaces to elaborate setups with camp areas open to all event participants. Most camps will have a blend and that is perfectly acceptable.

There will be plenty of open camping areas for those who prefer to camp on their own, but WonderLust welcomes theme camps and group camps to our event.

Please take a look at our WonderLust Spirithaven Map for your planning purposes.

Here are some important theme camp dates:

General Theme/Group Camp Placement Registration closes 7/31/21

Theme/Group Camp Registration for placement will end 7/31/21.

Disability Camp Registration Placement closes 7/31/21

Early Entry for registered Theme/Group Camps:

Gate Hours 9AM-7PM Thursday 8/19/21

2018 Theme camps

Below is a listing of registered Theme and Group camps for WonderLust 2018. With a Tradition of picking fun quirky names with a sense of humor, the camp name and description may give you an idea of the camps offerings and theme(or not.) So Plan to stop by during the event.

2018 Placement Map

2019 Placement Map


According to Wikipedia, a film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues, usually in a single city or region. Increasingly, film festivals show some films outdoors. We'll be on the cutting edge of at least that outdoor part, the rest of it, who knows.



A space for music and dance. All creative minds welcome!

Camp "It's My Birthday! FUCK YOU!" Part 2" (AKA Free- Range Unicorns)

I think the name says it all. : )

Camp Don’t Tell Mom

Lounge and interactive art

Camp New Hot Dogs pt. 8

Hot dogs, hugs, burn advice, chill space and good times for newcomers

Camp No Friends Here

We're assholes lol

Camp We Fuck Loud

Compound Pound Town

Welcome to Compound Pound Town! Come smash shit or get smashed.

Doc Zombie's Camp Feelgood 

Nestled in the heart of Schrödinger's Butthurt lies a pocket of weird - come get your groove on, share some good feels/vibes, occasional tasty treats, or leave your wishes for The Wishing Post. While you're here, release some Butthurt, join us in some board games, or play in the private/discrete/consensual "Play Space!!!"

Dragon Song Band

Fuck N Chill

We'll be chillin' at his event and serving up some pulled pork.

Happy Creature

We are Happy Creature camp, specialized in keeping people smiling. You may find hugs, mermaids, birds, GIFs and photons of many colors. Come see us for your dose of happy!

Intergalactic Goodies

Martian Playground

Catch your breath in the psychedelic garage


Providing a chill, relaxed atmosphere, shade with things to recline on and cool home-brewed libations to fill one’s cup all with a distinctly mustachioed twist. Mustacheville: “We don’t know how to not.”™

Oasis Lounge

We are a lovely group of groovy woodlin' sparkle fairies, who create a lil Oasis for daytime hangs & conversation. We sleep late, serve spiced tea & veg food, & smile a lot. We tend to volunteer, make art, attend & teach playforms, work hard & play hard, when we return to camp, we prefer the sounds of the trickling creek & the peacocks.


God damn gorgeous mysterious shit. Thank you.


Free WyFy

Pretty Music

Sound camp dedicated to providing an uplifting experience through music, allowing for people to relax while feeling the beauty and peace of the environment

Purple Camp/Lazy e'Scaped Dragon's Lair

All Things Purple - but preferably bruises. Also; Dragons

Red White and Brew

We brew things, whether that's coffee or jello shots. Cross your fingers that our mobile cart is up before the burn, otherwise you're gonna have to walk your happy ass to us <3 we like America but we don't like politics and the only party we care about is the one we're having so come on down.


Schrödinger's Butthurt 

Schrödinger's Butthurt: It's only there... if you look for it.

The unofficial nexus for the "butthurt" of Mysteria; the metaphorical (and maybe real) box where "butthurt" is collected and does or does not disappear - that's all up to you (Or is it?). We’re a chill-ass cooperative camp. Don’t let our snarky signs scare you off (if we made any); we may or may not mean it (yes we do). Come hang out with us, relax, play some board games, bring your own music and dance your butt off (interpretive dance allowed although we reserve the right to silently laugh at you... unless they're lap dances), use our private/discrete/consensual "Play Space," or submit your personalized “Butthurt Report Form” to our special "Butthurt Collection Box."


Sound camp, dance/performance camp

Tangy Butt Fries

Serving up smoked pork butts, fresh hot french fries, and sauerkraut, on Friday. We love to hang out in the shade, and will share any and all of our knowledge of Tang, Butts, or Fries with you!

The Phuck OFF Trailer Park and Last Rest Stop

Get your Shit and Phuck Off!


Evan's campsite somewhere near sound camps.


Wabi-Sabi adj.- The beauty of that which is imperfect, impermanent, or incomplete.

Our camp intends to provide an array of activities and entertainment, including but not limited to: 24/7 sound, a luxurious art/lounge space, an infused cocktails bar, a fire circle, and maybe the return of Buttputt..? We will host various events based on the individual contributions of our camp members.

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