What is WonderLust

WonderLust is a regional outdoor 21+ Leave No Trace Members Only event. It's created through volunteer effort to build a unique environment on the foundations of self-expression, community cooperation, and personal accountability.

Our goal is to foster the creation of a space where participants will feel safe and supported to express their inner selves through art, music, performance, and community interactions.

Through communal effort Wonderers, the citizens of WonderLust will create art, and prepare spaces greater than they ever could alone. We encourage people to feel welcome and engage with the community in their own unique way. WonderLust offers a variety of ways to express yourself. Whether this is through attending events, gifting, bringing a theme camp, signing up to do a workshop, or performance or activity event.

In the spirit of Participation we encourage everyone to sign up for a volunteer shift. Volunteering in a way that calls to you is an important part of communal effort, and it is also an opportunity for self expression. The unique environment created at WonderLust will give people the opportunity to practice immediacy and be open to the moment, as they’re living it. By participating we can recognize and connect with our inner selves, as we work and play together.

At WonderLust we believe in both Self-Reliance and Civic Responsibility. We all understand we are personally accountable for our own supplies, and removing our own trash at a LNT event.
WondurLust is intended as a gift economy where there are no vendors or concession stands. If you need something, ask your neighbor, and if you have extra feel free to share.

Above all else, we all also understand that we are each responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and fun WonderLust experience.

Our view of civic responsibility also extends to our local host communities.
All regional arts events exist because local rural communities and landowners provide the beautiful outdoor spaces for these events. Thus, we believe in the importance of giving back to the local community through donations and encouraging participants to shop local whenever feasible during travel and event preparation. We believe in the Leave No Trace ethos so that we respect the beautiful property our landowners allow us to use. We encourage participants to be mindful of their sound placements, that can echo in mountain communities and effect others, and to be respectful of local, state, and federal laws.

We look forward to you joining us at WonderLust!

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